PoE 3.24 Best Spectres Tier List (2024)

In Path of Exile's Necropolis League, the Spectre build has taken a significant leap forward with a plethora of new and powerful options to choose from. This Path of Exile 3.24 Spectre tier list compiles the best support spectres for the Necropolis league, considering the latest changes and updates.

PoE 3.24 Spectres Tier List - Top 10+ Best Spectres For Minion & SRS in Necropolis

In the Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis League, notable changes for Spectre builds include the introduction of the Wraithlord helmet, which boosts minion gems and allows up to nine spectres with additional benefits from socketed Gasly Eye Jewels. The Necromancer ascendancy has been updated, with Mindless Aggression and a new Bone Barrier node enhancing minion survivability and damage, and Unholy Might now fully converting physical to chaos damage. Players are exploring new and reworked monsters as spectres, such as the Primal Crush Claw and Redemption Knights, with an emphasis on leveraging abilities that shotgun or trigger effectively, indicating a significant shift in the spectre meta and build strategies.

With the new Necropolis league and major changes to the Necromancer ascendancy and the Realmshaper unique helmet, spectres have received a huge buff in power. Here are the top spectres to consider using in Path of Exile 3.24:

1. Moon Dancer

These spectres, originating from the Trial of the Ancestors league mechanic, are extremely powerful. They utilize mortar skills that can shotgun, dealing massive single-target damage. Additionally, they fire multiple projectiles in all directions, providing excellent clear speed. Despite their slightly slow movement speed, this can be compensated by using other minions alongside them.

2. Primal Crushclaw

Known for being powerful, these spectres should perform well. However, their large size might cause them to block each other from attacking the same target when using eight or more.

3. Caldera Ravagers

These newer spectres from Tier 17 Citadel maps have an insane cremation ability that spawns powerful fire gazers to bombard enemies. The long cooldown is annoying but their burst damage is unmatched.

4. Hyrri's Watch

Considered the strongest cold ranged option, they should excel at clearing, especially when using eight of them. Their single-target damage on bosses is expected to be decent but not exceptional.

5. Deadly Tarantula

These spectres use Flicker Strike to quickly move between packs, providing significant clear when combined with Melee Splash. They use Viper Strike, which poisons innately with a 4-second base duration. However, they sometimes use a default physical damage attack without added benefits and only exist in a few areas.

6. Flame Creators

Found in tier 17 core maps, Flame Creators are very tanky spectres with high HP and resistances. They use a rolling magma ability with chain support, causing explosions that deal good damage. However, their single-target damage is lacking compared to Moon Dancers. While they can work in a fire-based build, they are outperformed by other options.

7. Wretched Defilers

Another promising spectre from tier 17 maps, Wretched Defilers shoot nine projectiles in a spiral pattern. With the right support gems, they can fill the screen with projectiles, providing good clear speed. Their damage is lightning-based and can be inconsistent, even with Perkelsto for lucky lightning hits. Positioning is crucial to maximize their single-target damage. They also have a revive ability that spawns strong minions, but they rarely use it.

8. Necrotic Bones

These spectres, also from tier 17 core maps, use a chaos damage mortar ability. They offer decent clear speed and single-target damage, but their overall damage output is lackluster. They have high HP but require investment in resistances. Additionally, they do not scale poison as effectively as other minion types.

9. Violator

One of the two gas spectres (along with Wild Homunculus) that are evenly matched in power. The Violator has a dash and a more potent melee attack. However, they only use their gas cloud when reduced to below 75% life.

10. Wild Homunculus

The other gas spectre, seemingly having a faster-hitting gas cloud compared to the Violator. Shares the same downside of only using the gas cloud when below 75% life.

11. Bramble Cobra

Probably the best choice for a ranged poison spectre. It has an innate 100% chance to poison and decent base damage. The strongest version is found exclusively in the Wetlands in Act 2. However, they have a very low health pool.

12. War Caller

Originating from the Trial of Ancestors league mechanic, War Callers provide an onslaught buff to other minions, making them a valuable support spectre.

13. Troller Chimeras

Another strong option from Tier 17 maps, the Troller Chimeras lay down a field of bleeding traps that stack immense damage over time effects on enemies caught in their radius.

14. Redemption Knights

A classic choice, the tiny redemption knight models allow fitting many of them without blocking each other while still providing solid damage.

15. Rich Defilers

While inconsistent, the lightning rich defilers lay down massive spiraling projectile bursts, especially when supported by pierce/chain/volley.

With the new Wraithlord helmet and ascendency changes, it's now viable to run up to 9 spectres at once. Many off-meta choices like the poison snakes or fire breathers may now be worth exploring as well. spectres have never been stronger, so this is an excellent league to try them out.

PoE 3.24 Best Spectres Tier List (2024)


What is the Spectre that summons in Poe? ›

Raise Spectre of Transcience is a minion spell skill that summons a defeated enemy as an allied minion. It is a transfigured version of Raise Spectre.

How do you increase Spectres in Poe? ›

Corpse targeting: Holding down the corpse targeting toggle (defaults to the "A" key) makes it easier to choose a corpse to raise. Note that you must continue targeting the corpse while raising the spectre. If you let go of your corpse target button you may raise a different spectre.

What is a ghostly Spectre? ›

IPA guide. Other forms: specters. A specter means a ghostly apparition, a ghost itself, or simply an idea that people find frightening.

Why can she control the Spectres? ›

In the TV adaptation, Wilson's Coulter tells Boreal (Ariyon Bakare) that she's able to resist and control the Spectres thanks to her own powers of self-control, implied to be the same process she uses to separate from her daemon. “They consume what makes us human, so I just hid that from them,” she says.

How to get a perfect guardian turtle? ›

During Affliction league, Perfect Guardian Turtle could be purchased from the Breaker of Oaths for Wild Wisps.

How do you get the third Spectre in Poe? ›

The third Spectre is now granted at gem level 25, giving a more challenging threshold for characters to strive for. Ok, I agree, 21 was too easy. You could get the 3rd spectre when hitting level 19 gem with the ascendancy node.

How to get perfect hulking miscreation? ›

During Affliction league, Perfect Hulking Miscreation could be purchased from the Breaker of Oaths for Wild Wisps.

What is the thing that summons the warden? ›

The Warden only spawns if the sculk shrieker block detects your presence three times. You can get away with making accidental noise and vibrations two times. But when you do that for the third time, the Sculk Shrieker will summon the Warden.

Where is the Spectre requisitions? ›

Spectre Requisitions is a Shop found in the Spectre Offices in the Citadel Embassies area of the Citadel.

Are Spectres evil? ›

Spectres were evil creatures only mentioned fleetingly in linguistic writings. Likely spectre was just another name for undead beings such as ghosts or wraiths.

What are the spectres in his dark materials? ›

The Spectres, also known as the Spectres of Indifference, are a group of lingering dark spirits and major antagonists in the trilogy His Dark Materials, setting the scenario for a zombie Apocalypse-like landscape that reigns in the world of Cittagaze, the city of the magpies.


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